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This causes a degree of difficulty for me because I often feel ostracized. (this is my first experience dating someone from Senegal).

I do a lot to try to learn about the culture by reading what I find online (in addition to the wealth of information he has given me), but that still does not give me a true feel for many of the things in a culture that only the women can truly relay.

I have also found that non-verbal cues are not universal. Relations between men and women can have a number of challenges when people grew up in neighboring houses.It has to do with a cultural phenomenon called messed up,” my friend Althea told me upon arrival.Senegalese men will fall all over themselves to carry something heavy for you or hold a door open.” or white Westerner to the Senegalese), I’ve had to learn to ignore obsessive attention from Senegalese men.I’m frequently asked if I have a husband, a question that I would never get during a two-minute conversation as a 20-year-old in the United States.

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