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These factors, fostering some degree of diversity within a region’s society, may have worked toward distinctions in dialect, social organization, law, religion, and other aspects of culture.

The management of marked regional diversity, in the absence of an established political infrastructure, would have been especially challenging to the earliest efforts at a real hegemony by the Medes and the Persians.

The reader may walk along with us in all these explorations to draw his own inferences.

If Varanasi has been found to be as old as the Harappa civilisation, can the oldest relics unearthed from the area by IIT-Kharagpur’s scientists be dismissed as Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age), Neolithic (New Stone Age) or Chalcolithic (Copper or pre-Bronze Age)?

The set of Iranian-speaking peoples is thus considered a kind of unity, in spite of their distinct lineage identities plus all the factors which may havefurther differentiated any one group’s sense of self.

These include: (1) divergent specializations in economic organization, environmental adaptation, and other aspects of material culture, emergent differences in oral traditions and folkways; (2) hand in hand with the preceding: different conditioning by already established populations encountered in the area of settlement or absorbed in the course of migrations; (3) further conditioning by the later introduction of non-Iranian-speaking populations.

A few months after my birth, John Green Kelly, my great grandfather and husband of Sarah Jane Kelly, a full-blood Texas Cherokee, was on his death-bed.

"[H]uman DNA has millions of on-off switches and complex networks that control the genes' activities. [A]t least 80% of the human genome is active, which opposed the previously held idea that most of the DNA are useless." "DNA contains genes, which hold the instructions for [life.

But, these] take up only about 2 percent of the genome ...

All of this is first draft stuff so typos, awkward sentences, etc. I was born in a tent in San Saba on September 25, 1941.

A woman named Lizzie Slaughter was to be the midwife, but at the last moment Dr.

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Ira Stone arrived on the scene and out of gratitude, Mom named me after the kind doctor.

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