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The ‘surfacings’ model was possibly completed as early as July 1858, when Nordstrom was reported in the Ballarat Star to have displayed four models of alluvial mining scenes at the Duchess of Kent Hotel in Ballarat, but it does not appear to have been received by Mc Coy in Melbourne until early 1859.Volta's pile was at first a technical curiosity but this new electrochemical phenomenon very quickly opened the door to new branches of both physics and chemistry and a myriad of discoveries, inventions and applications.The electronics, computers and communications industries, power engineering and much of the chemical industry of today were founded on discoveries made possible by the battery.Originally entitled 'Surfacings', this mining model made by Carl Nordstrom at Ballarat in 1858-59 shows a typical scene of mining activites and equipment associated the working of shallow surface alluvial gold deposits, including puddling machines and all the common modes of hand gold washing for gold.The techniques depicted are typical of those practised by the first wave of miners on most Victorian goldfields during the 1850s. Part of the Nordstrom Mining Models Collection at Museum Victoria.

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