Dating my antique pot bellied stove

We Can Help You Sell Your Toy or Salesman Sample Size Small Stoves and Other Related Antiques!!We are full time active antique dealers in Antique & Vintage small child size, miniature or salesman sample size stoves.There have been many books throughout the years claiming to be price guides to antique stove collectors, but they are out of date really quickly!Obviously, all antiques are worth what someone is willing to pay for them, but for certain antique stoves, most collectors are willing to pay only so much.

The antique potbelly stove was used worldwide and in every type of structure.Even the "experts" often times cannot agree on what constitutes a salesman sample, display model, a simple toy, or even an outright fake.I have heard some even argue that salesman sample stoves do not exist. Some will call a legitimately old small stove a salesman sample, while others call it a toy, and still others call that same stove a display model or display piece that would sit in the store window.If it is olive green and looks quite modern, for instance, it's likely from the 1970s since that color was popular at the time.If the stove has curved edges and design elements, is white, light green, red or blue and has legs rather than the body of the stove going all the way to the ground, it is most likely from the first part of the last century.

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