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After a case full of theatrics, she was jailed for five months. The Sultan of Brunei stepped in, claiming that as a head of state he deserved his "dignity" to be preserved.He said that as an "act of respect" the story should be suppressed.Mana tidaknya, foto ‘selfie’ yang dirakam sering membuat wajahnya kelihatan sharp dan cantik. Lihat sahaja foto di Instagramnya, pasti terkejut akan perubahan Faezah Elai.Biarpun sudah memiliki cahaya mata, namun dia tetap kekal langsing seperti wanita belum bersalin lagi. Melahirkan secara pembedahan, namun dia tetap berpantang dengan kaedah tradisional.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).

I’m one of your silent reader and i really adore the way you dressed up.. Actually, i nak tahu u diet tak masa pregnant…u still take herbalife during pregnancy?The guest list for the wedding was not released ahead of the day, but many international royals and dignitaries were preparing to attend, including Prime Minister Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of neighbouring Malaysia Southeast Asian leaders and foreign royalty are expected to be among the guests at a lavish royal banquet in honour of the newlyweds in the Islamic sultanate on Sunday night, hosted by the bride’s father, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, 66.This week’s festivities have included nightly vigils at the palace to bless the couple, but the monarchy will forgo a traditional public procession through the capital in the royal family’s gilded Rolls Royce.Filming took place mainly in the People's Republic of China, principally in Inner Mongolia (the Mongol autonomous region), and in Kazakhstan.Shooting began in September 2005, and was completed in November 2006.

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