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Employees who normally work on Good Friday and Easter Monday will receive a paid day off.

If they are required to work, they are entitled to time and a half for the hours worked on those days plus an alternative holiday if the day is an otherwise working day for the employee. This means that there is no legal entitlement to a paid day off or time and a half for hours worked on this day under the Holidays Act 2003.

When they fall on a Saturday or Sunday - If the employee would normally have worked on the Saturday/Sunday, the Public holiday is observed on the Saturday/Sunday.

If the employee would not normally have worked on the Saturday/Sunday, the Public holiday is observed on the following Monday/Tuesday.

Employee Holiday Entitlements - New Zealand law entitles employees to at least four weeks paid leave after the first year of employment.

*Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and January 2 Holiday - These public holidays are observed on the actual day when they fall on a weekday.

For many, it is a chance to do something with their family or to visit a sporting event.

Some people take advantage of the three-day weekend to make trips to visit friends or relatives.

Please know in advance, any orders taken now are final.

In perhaps the most surreal celebration of the day, David Hinde, who claims to be the world's loudest town crier, has proclaimed the Queen's record-breaking reign to a small crowd in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

Having bucked the trend by calculating the record-breaking moment as 4.18pm (though without saying why) he seized the moment by offering "proud congratulations on this magnificent achievement".

After ringing his bell and a hearty yell of "oyez, oyez, oyez", he said: "People of Bridlington and visitors to our town and resort. "At this time of 4.18pm on the 9th of Septmeber 2015, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has become Britain's longest reigning monarch, passing the record set by Queen Victoria with a total of 23,226 days, 16 hours and 18 minutes - over 63 years, seven months and two days." Lords Leader Baroness Stowell of Beeston led tributes to the Queen in the House of Lords.

She said: "Her Majesty has served our country with unerring grace, dignity and decency and long may she continue to do so." Baroness Smith of Basildon, the Shadow Leader of the Lords, added: "Her Majesty did not choose to be Queen, she had it thrust upon her at an unexpectedly early age.

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