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Respecting these ten rules of post-divorce parenting can be a powerful contributing factor to your child's success after a divorce.

Keeping these rules will not only help the children, it will help you too. Give your child the gift of not having to choose between their parents.

It's called "grandparent patter" and is a timeworn technique to build comfort.

Ever wonder why some children with parents who have divorced fare better than others?

You pack up the car and drive – in rush hour – to daycare, and finally, to your place of work.

You work a full day, which means dealing with co-workers, bosses, deadlines, and office drama.

This email got me thinking about the many many questions men and women have when dating after divorce.

It's kind of like hanging out with your platonic female divorced friend and hearing her perspective on your divorce and your love life issues. If it's crowded, it may actually be a good idea to walk in front a little.

Then you rush to get yourself ready as you entertain your child, and then prepare your child’s bag for daycare (if you haven’t done that already).

They need the parent with more money, as well as the parent with more love. Even if sarcasm, bitterness and hurtful statements were a trademark of your marriage, lose it in your post-divorce reality.

They need the parent who is better at helping with homework as well as the one that makes the best spaghetti and meatballs. Being "unfaithful" to a parent can create tremendous feelings of guilt. Even if your spouse bad-mouths you, don't respond, don't retort. You might feel that if you do not "defend" yourself, your children will think less of you.

You’ve been thinking about dating for quite some time.

And now that you’ve bungled things up by admitting this to a few close friends, who are happily paired with helpful, loving partners, they want to introduce you to a cute, promising individual.

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