Dating service to use dna are harry and lily dating

Its products have been designed to compliment what is already being offered by dating companies, aiming to supply an aspect of biology that is missing from most matchmaking services. Ron Gonzalez, co-founder and CEO of Instant Chemistry, about the latest developments with the biotech company – which has included a few setbacks – and what exciting plans it has for the future.

Last year, in an effort to integrate its services with online dating platforms, the company formed its first partnership with a dating site, Singld Out, which caters exclusively to working professionals.

This is a new dating trend, could be the modern version of matching birth astro charts before deciding on life partner.

Termed 'DNA Dating', practice is being encouraged by a DNA matchmaking website that may see the end of the compatibility test.

Instant Chemistry, the manufacturer of the DNA tests used by the dating site, believes its research shows a strong link between those two genetic markers and long-term compatibility in a relationship.

People with different, complementary versions of the serotonin and immune systems were most compatible, the company says.

At first glance, a 0.7 hip-to-waist ratio suggests optimum biological health to the male gaze.

"This is another layer on top of that so you can better find matches."Within a week of joining the site, administrators post the user’s test results on his or her profile for comparison with other users.

However after partnering back in July 2014, and raising 0,000 to build the business, a few months ago the companies decided to part ways. Gonzalez why the two companies ended the partnership, he said: “It was a really interesting idea, and one that we were really pushing towards from the beginning, which was – we wanted to be the science of the company, the ones for developing technology and focusing on the science.

“Singld Out wanted to be the marketing, distributor and PR aspect of the company, so I thought it was a good fit for us.

The dating site says human pheromones may allow people to find compatible mates, although the process requires a kick-start to work online — where men and women remain mostly relegated to personality inventories, bios, photos, and favorite quotes as a way to “sniff out” potential mates.

In the greater offline world, men depend on visual cues as well as pheromones to find their perfect match.

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The majority of today’s matchmaking services rely on using shared interests, algorithms and proximity to help generate matches for singles searching for love online.

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