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By the time this little five-shot revolver had arrived at its third issue, it would be chambered in .32 Rimfire Long and more than 100,000 S&W .32s would be manufactured from 1865 to 1875.Certainly neither the .22 nor .32 versions of the Smith & Wesson single action were very powerful, however they were so very easy to conceal in pocket, sleeve, muff, or purse. In 1861, the slightly larger Model #2, a six-shot .32 Rimfire Long arrived in time to see quite a bit of use during the Civil War.

More than 75,000 were manufactured when production ceased in 1874.If there was ever a perfect revolver it was the S&W model 19.A revolver in medium weight that has excellent handling, fires a powerful cartridge with wonderful accuracy. The .357 cartridge was created by Winchester for S&W in the 1930’s and used in the “N” frame S&W. At a recent trip to the 2003 Louisville gun show I noticed prices on Victory revolvers had increased noticeably. armed forces have always been under appreciated by collectors, the good news is that makes them relatively inexpensive to acquire, but this is changing.

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Armed confrontations were commonplace back in those days so if any one knew what type of revolver was needed for police officers it was Bill Jordan.

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