Dating someone too nice

As much as I'd like to admit that I was just a naturally delightful and kind person, I was not.In fact, I purposefully set out to be overly nice and sweet to others.(Most likely.)Yet even amidst the sweet, unscheduled visit and surreal helicopter ride in Iceland, there were signs that Justin may not be the handsome hobbling hunk he originally depicted himself to be. Perfect on paper doesn't always equate to perfect for you.

It's a generic positive adjective being used to qualify a point." I would shrug my shoulders, uncertain how to answer.It wasn't that the other Jennifer was particularly mean; she wasn't at all. Think Disney movie nice—to the point where it kind of makes you want to vomit.This article isn't going to bad mouth genuine niceness.It's about all the ways someone can refer to a person as "nice" when they're using the word with a more negative connotation.

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