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This circular ditch and bank together is called a henge.Within the henge were dug 56 pits, each slightly more than three feet in diameter, called Aubrey holes, after John Aubrey, the 17th century English archaeologist who first found them.

I'll put up another post with a You Tube link on it, in case anybody is interested.Over the next 200 years, between 27 BC, a large number of wooden posts were erected.The ones at the north-eastern entrance may have served as markers for astronomical measurements, in particular the extremes of the moonrise and moonset.On the north-east of the henge, an entrance was created by a gap in the ditch and bank.Within the bank, a circle of fifty six pits known as the Aubrey holes were dug.

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In fact, what we see today is the result of at least three phases of construction, although there is still a lot of controversy among archaeologists about exactly how and when these phases occurred.

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