Dating valco amplifiers

"N" prefix: 1935 "S" prefix: 1935-36 "A" prefix: 1936-37* "C" prefix: 1938-40* "G" prefix: 1941-42 "G" suffix: 1943-47 V100-V7500: 1947 V7500-V15000: 1948 V15000-V25000: 1949 V25000-V35000: 1950 V35000-V38000: 1951 X100-X7000: 1951 X7000-X17000: 1952 X17000-X30000: 1953 X30000-X43000: 1954 X43000-X57000: 1955 X57000-X71000: 1956 X71000-X85000: 1957 X85000-X99000: 1958 T100-T5000: 1958 T5000-T25000: 1959 T25000-T50000: 1960 T50000-T75000: 1961 T75000-T90000: 1962 T90000-T99000: 1963 G5000-G15000: 1963 G15000-G40000: 1964 Starting with "1-": 1964-68 Starting with "2-": 1968 *"A" and "C" prefixes also occur in some pre-1936 serials.

However, some of these plates and many of these stickers have disappeared over time.

I use vintage correct parts whenever possible, and carry in stock: tubes, transformers, carbon comp resistors, tube sockets and most any part needed to get your amp in top shape and back to spec.

I don’t recone speakers, or carry new replacements here, but can normally get them in quickly if needed.

These amps are somewhat unusual in modern times because they implement octal preamp tubes, whereas later amplifiers leading right up to present times use miniature noval preamp tubes.

Zinky himself had used the Supro name for a series of amps beginning in 2005 from his company, Zinky Electronics.

Thus, guitars were blessed with the Midas touch, veritable gold mines guaranteed to swell the bottom line as large corporations sought to diversify.

Dating Gretsch and other Valco-made amps: Beginning in 1941, serial numbers were on a small oblong metal plate (brass or aluminum) tacked on with two small brass nails.

So every amp that comes here for service, repair or tweaking is always “Guitar Tested” to make sure that it meets that standard.

I offer custom amp builds, using my own circuits or other public domain circuits on a customer request basis.

Absara announced in January 2014 that a series of new Supro amps would debut at the Winter 2014 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

you name it and I’ve probably owned one, played one or had one on my bench for repair.

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