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We are proud to be a technical assistance provider for the U. Department of Justice, Office o Violence Against Women Campus Program.

To learn more about that initiative, please visit our OVW Technical Assistance section. to support their amazing efforts to address street harassment.

The campaign emerged from a substance abuse prevention program supported by the National Institutes of Health, pioneered in the 1970s by University of Houston Social Psychology Professor Richard I. Evans promoted a social inoculation model, which included teaching student skills to resist peer pressure and other social influences.

The campaign involved University projects done by students across the nation.

Every day, young people navigate relationships - crushes, breakups, sexuality, firsts, and hook ups - but they don’t always have the space to talk about them, learn about them, or share their experiences.

With the ultimate goal of preparing organizations/communities to implement a strategy of violence prevention that consistently, measurably reduces power-based personal violence (including sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, child abuse, elder abuse and bullying), Green Dot, etc. In recognition of the great diversity of contexts, all of our materials are designed to serve as detailed templates – providing structured content combined with components that require culture-specific adaptation to most effectively reach the target population. Regardless of content, the success of a prevention program depends heavily on the skill and competence of those implementing. provides training courses for both leadership and front-line professionals that focus on core competency areas necessary for successful implementation of any program, such as: strategic planning, bystander mobilization, persuasive communication, coalition building, etc.

It’s outrageous to me that the overwhelming response is to disbelieve the accuser, to defend the accused, to blame what she did, or what she drank, or what she wore, over and above his choice to rape. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse or sexual violence, here are some organisations that can offer you support and advice: Rape Crisis UK – 08 The Survivors Trust – 08 Survivors UK (for male survivors of rape) About Emily Emily is a survivor and a coach and NLP master practitioner using her skills to transform the lives of professional women ready to move forward from living a half-life to living a full and whole reconnected life and make that shift from surviving, coping, to thriving. Link with her on Twitter, and follow her on Facebook.

The recent Fawcett Society Sounds Familiar report says everything you need to know about why we need to raise the awareness of the truth about sexual abuse and sexual violence in this country. It took me a very long time to get over the feeling of shame I had that I had ‘let’ it happen, that I was partly to blame.

You need to be aware of sexual abuse and sexual violence so that you can support your friends who need your support.

In England and Wales alone, 85,000 women are raped every year, that’s 233 a day, and 10 an hour. If this is shocking to you, it’s not because it’s not true, it’s because it is shocking. The myth that rape only happens to people who put themselves in danger, that rape can therefore be avoided, is simply false (as well as being rife with unfounded victim blaming).

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  1. The company is also faced with a lawsuit seeking million in damages that was filed by watchdog groups of internet portals on behalf of the parents and a 12-year-old victim of molestation.