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So we decided to flip the script and have them open guys, riffing on the stereotype: “Hey, so I know I’m supposed to stand over and smile at you until you come talk to me, but…I thought you looked cool, so I wanted to come say hi” Guys jaws dropped, a couple thought they were kidding, but only ONE guy-set blew out our chics all night Here is a mindmap that Soul & Whim created to map out Girl Game Soul and I also got a chance to confirm some of the material that we teach: An important takeaway of mine is summed up like this: All in all, a fun night out. Thanks SF Weekly Girl Game – Girls Get a Strategy to Meet Mr.Right in San Francisco is a post by Dating Coach Starlight.I see it all the time and I used to wonder the same thing myself: What is value? My […] Continue Reading » Posted by Jeremy Soul in Lifestyle Tips, Mindsets Just the other day I was looking over old blog posts from Future, partly because of game-related advice and partly because the guy is a great writer and a damn near genius.I stumbled across an article that got me thinking pretty deeply.This time: Amsterdam – Mar 20-22 Barcelona – Apr 10-12 We’ll also be doing Sydney, Australia with our good friend and fellow instructor Soul who has a day game seminar the very next day on Apr 6th. The Impossible task I mentioned in the last article that the three step process to changing your life is: 1. Figure out what you need to do in order to accomplish that. We’re going to be getting a really sweet room at Arta on Albion Street, with a bartender and a sound system as well. I just arrived in Dublin this morning, and wanted to make sure everyone knew that Tenmagnet and I are going to be giving a FREE 1hr talk in both Dublin and Glasgow as part of our European tour.But because of that, we’re going to have to ask for ten pounds, to cover […] Yoooo so i'm writing from my swanky hotel/apartment here in Dublin, me and Tenmagnet have been here since Tuesday and its been a blast. Big thanks to the guys in the Irish Crew who helped ...We did a free talk at Trinity college on Thursday, Tenmgnet talked about phone game and I talked about inner game and mindframes to have when going out. Girl Game So, last weekend Soul, Bonsai and I ran a sold-out Day Game workshop in San Francisco. And the chance to put a lot of brainstorming with Soul and Whim to work.

This is opposed to cold approach, where you have to build your social value from scratch.A warm approach is when you meet a woman that is part of your social circle.A friend might introduce you, or she may even introduce herself to you.SF Weekly sent out a camera crew and female reporter to cover the event, which was fun in the sense that sometimes girls would see the photographer’s lens poking out of the bushes while we were in set in Union Square! So we showed up in the Marina at 8p to meet the 6 lucky ladies.Anyhow, after the event ended, over a few drinks, the reporter threw out the idea: “Hey, how about we put up a Twitter alert for 6 girls looking to improve their love lives with a few professional dating coaches? There was a tall blond personal trainer looking to meet potential mates outside of her profession, a twentysomething Asian advertising exec that just loathed being approached by guys…but yearned to meet new people and build connections in neutral territory before even broaching intimacy.

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