Gegen entsprechende Bezahlung können Sie zum Beispiel einen "virtuellen Kuss" verschicken und hoffen, dass einer zurückkommt :-)Schauen Sie sich auch mal die vielen Funktionen der Seite an.Da wären zum Beispiel ein Veranstaltungskalender, ein Chat oder eine Rubrik namens "Lovestory" - hier finden Sie Erfolgsgeschichten der Vergangenheit.The Ad nationes, for instance, goes to the point right at the beginning: And at the beginning of the De testimonio animae he comments openly on the difference between Christian literature and secular literature, saying that people who were respected authors in the secular tradition before their conversion are not taken seriously by readers when they turn to proving Christianity: 'Human stubbornness in disbelieving has denied credence even to their own teachers, who in other places are very well approved and much read, if they ever turn to the proofs of Christian apologetics.' This quote, naturally, is a captatio benevolentiae: that's to say that the writer is aiming to neutralize the reader's negative feelings about Christian literature; he's not acknowledging that there's no point in taking up a Christian stance.

He reads the tract as an esoteric work: 'le jeu d'esprit, o les paens ne trouvaient qu' rire, cachait pour les initis une justification du nouveau sectaire, un avertissement aux catholiques, une profession de foi montaniste.' as a book whose real (Montanist) import could only be understood by Christians is a very persuasive one, but Monceaux's adoption of it illustrates the real difficulties the work presents. The only really strong point of agreement among scholars who have studied the De pallio is with Eduard Norden's description of it in Die antike Kunstprosa as the hardest thing in Latin he'd ever read.His more recent suggestion is that the author was a newly converted Christian, of equestrian status, who belonged to 'a sect that is unknown to us'.By contrast Paul Monceaux, in his Histoire littraire de l'Afrique chrtienne, concludes that the sect involved is a perfectly well-known one: he takes the De pallio as a pro-Montanist tract aimed at a Catholic readership.Informationen bei NZZ Media Solutions Telefon 071 272 77 77 oder mittels Bestelltalon.While we were able to find solid and legitimate supporting evidence for essentially the whole story as it is written, it comes from a variety of sources and each of those pieces of information were likely written by a number of different people.

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