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Si ce eram de facut / ce faceam: – Deci ce este de facut? Din 2 filme am reiesit cu ideiile astea: – Loveste din adancul inconstientului. Dar mai ales pentru Uaaauuu: – Daca o sa fiu cel mai pregatit pentru 0.0(0)1% din cazuri atunci o sa dau lovitura!

Evident ca mai erau ganduri ca puteam sa fac altceva, la care raspundeam: – Daca era altceva de facut, altceva faceam, DAR concret acum doar asta pot sa fac si odata ce termin … la atatea cuvinte reconfortante un zambet e chiar de purtat!

Because the pressure is real to match my man's level of leanness.

I know he doesn't really think I'm fat, but I'm tired of his overawareness and health snobbery, d*mn it!

As a former health buff living in LA, I knew what I should and shouldn't be doing to take care of my curves. My buffness was blown with late night dinners and 4 AM last calls. And trust me it's MUCH easier to be healthy when your partner is healthy too. Contrary to popular belief, I do not get jealous of him working out with other—potentially fitter! Actually, I encourage him to charm the sweatshirts off those ladies so they'll sign up for more sessions. After a few weeks of living together he asked, "So is this the only exercise you do? (We spent WAY too many evenings on the sofa snuggled up with pizza or pork friend rice.)Then our relationship weakend, and I started drinking more to cope. By the time we broke up I was at my highest weight—20 pounds heavier than my current weight. as we'll call him) doesn't get wasted and order fries at 5 AM. He explained that The morning after I first slept over at his place, he made me a gorgeous egg white omelet with sprouted wheat bread, noting how every day should begin with a rich source of protein. Having a partner with a fast metabolism is a quick way for the less genetically blessed partner to gain weight. On our first date, as I sucked down a pint of Hoegaarden, I asked him if he also wanted a beer. My last relationship was with someone who, at 6'4", could eat whatever he wanted and never gain a pound.So why is it harder to date someone who leads a healty lifestyle?

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  1. Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser have remained steadfastly tight-lipped about their romance over the past 4 years, so it's no surprise that the couple did the same when they decided to start a family.