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Coming from a family of actors, David has done well to distinguish himself by starring in a number of films and television series; most notably the Scream horror trilogy.

But perhaps even more impressively he was once the WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

Read Full Story Getty Images David Arquette has been separated from wife Courteney Cox for three years now and he's since moved on in a big way.

I once had the experience of breaking up with someone over a bad phone connection, and it was the worst of all possible worlds. It sounds as though someone is trying to make reservations at a restaurant named after a series of conservative thinkers. She's supposed to split from her husband and then make headlines by bashing him in the press. She did so again this week during an interview with star: "Oh my God, I'm so proud of him! He's so cute that I'm like, dude, I don't understand. "Our communication and the way we are, just learning about each other in a different way, it's smart," Courteney said. Instead, Cox has said she has no plans for a social life and has continually defended her troubled ex, David Arquette. " The former couple will appear together in , and it doesn't sound as though promoting the film will be awkward in any way.As someone who usually views C-SPAN as an inexpensive, store-brand version of Lunesta, this is the part where I get comfortable, settle down, and prepare for a long winter's nap. Suddenly, from unrecognizable ranting about conservative political ethics, or something -- Todd Seavey was speaking a language we all understood.He came plunging down from the rarefied empyrean of his peak in Darien to walk among us.

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