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As the universe expands, the world seems to get smaller.

This is because travel and communication have become infinitely easier than they ever have been in history.

Has anyone found their true calling or purpose in life? Did you find it on your own or with the help of others? I think we're all here to learn lessons on our own and through others . It took a few attempts to realise that it had always been there. Making a living is a way of earning money to survive. I found this when I began teaching, a sense of "this is what I am for", of finding my vocation.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

There she received her Bachelor of Science in English Education…

Tiffany Hundley is the mother of two (Brittany and Antonio “Elijah” Hundley Jr.)and the grandmother of Oden.

We merely need to learn to listen, and to act on that information, and not blindly react to the things that trigger our feelings. Then I look at philosophy, I read ancient Greeks and a lot of Existansialist philosophers i.e. They confused me more..couldn't find a satisfactory answer there... particularly interested in bilogy and then physics.... But if somebody questions his existence as well as his destiny and try to answer the following questions:1-Who am I2- Where did I come from ? See, I know know most of the lifes lessons I'm meant to learn in this lifetime but am not sure how to apply that to my career. But every career choice that crosses my mind just doesn't seem to fit. The fulfilling work is work that helps others and that needs doing. Career choices result from job classification, a function of the economy.

First I look at religion...rather than "believe" I chose to "know" and religion didn't work out for me. I foundmany of the asnwers I was looking for in this very weird area but the search still goes on... I think quantum mechanics is the field that one should be looking at.

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