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I didn’t have to follow any guidelines for attaching photos or answer some hollow question about whether I think blue or green is the smarter color.

The Negatives: I’ve joined a lineup of Internet riffraff and it makes me feel a little bad about myself.

Competing for the attention of my potential suitors, for instance, is “The Ladyboy Punisher”, who promises “anal torture and other pleasures” to the highest bidder.

The worst blow to my ego, though, was that I didn’t receive a single message in 48 hours.

One guy, for example, messaged me six times over 24 hours before I ever replied, saying things like “we r so close”, “im longing for ur voice” and later, simply “please”.

His pictures included extreme close-ups of dolls with wide-eyed, cherubic faces set above bulging stripper boobs.

Above: Shannon Ong, founder and CEO of the Catch, shows off the app.What happens fast is often superficial, and we are losing the ability to develop a relationship gradually and move it to the next step.Relationships that are meant to endure don't instantly materialize.You then decide whether or not you like the look of a person based on their profile picture and description.If you're both interested then Tinder's messaging function offers you a virtual private location in which to chat and get to know each other better.

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There is a host of dreamboats and potential sociopaths that would love to go on a Valentine's Day date with you.

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