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Don Lemon is NOT the average black 50 year old man. I thought he really was like 38, 39 (like R6 says).Sure, I will agree that blacks age better than Caucasians, but Don id in a league of his own. I hate to admit it, but I think Ann Coulter looks really young for her age too.During a segment on #Black Lives Matters activist Shaun King and the allegation he isn’t black at all, CNN host Don Lemon revealed that he had spoken to a family member of King’s who confirmed he was white.“A family member tells CNN that both of King’s parents are white,”Lemon said on Wednesday night’s edition of .Regardless of the merits, the strategy of prioritizing drama over insight seems to be paying off. Some of you have even followed through with subscriptions, which is especially gratifying.

Later on, he joined CNN and became the original news reporter for the channel.

Conservative websites have also accused King of embellishing or fabricating a racial hate crime during his high school days.

The same family member told Lemon that the altercation he had in high school racially motivated…

But you know all those threads that where delusional DLers post that they are 50 but their friends tell them they look 28? I think genetics has more to do with how age than anything else.

Well for the first time ever - this guy actually does. I didn't believe OP's claim about Lemon being 50 so had to Google it. Bill would've looked a hell of a lot better if he had taken better care of his physical and [bold]mental[/bold] health. Don looks good for his age but his face has been looking puffy to me lately. I'm carry more than a few extra pounds, which fills out my face and I have no wrinkles, so I look younger. I actually like the shaved look on him, it really took years off his face IMO.

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The tape, dating from the mid 1980s, was discovered by reporter Alana Goodman who found it in archives at the University of Arkansas.

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