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So how will the city lawfully justify hauling large numbers of female 'loiterers' off for compulsory 'therapeutic support' (whatever that means)? God help any sexy young woman who's in the wrong place at the wrong time over Durban's festive season!And what measures will be used to define a sex worker? Street children and vagrants are indeed regularly rounded up - adults and minors together in police vehicles (a contravention of the Child Protection Act) - and dumped, sometimes as far away as Verulam or Pietermaritzburg.A former street child described an incident prior to the 2010 Soccer World Cup in which one of the unfortunates in a group of detainees, was an elderly asthma sufferer.Because of the crowd crushed into the van and his frailty, he ended up beneath everyone else.

They will come and solve the matter for me.”According to Busi‚ the police officers have praised her for being able to fend for herself from the money she makes through prostitution.“Police say they love the prostitutes because they will never ask for money for rent or hair‚” Busi says‚ explaining that she is able to change her hairstyle numerous times a month and pay her rent on time."A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens but its lowest ones," Nelson Mandela was quoted as saying on his release from prison in 1990.Since the great man's passing, the state has exhorted South Africans to honour Mandela's legacy of human dignity, justice, equality, and freedom from oppression.It is just 7pm, businesses have closed, and what remains of nightlife in Zimbabwe's second city begins to stir, including prostitution - illegal, risky because of the high rates of HIV/Aids, but still a draw for young women facing high unemployment.Susan, in her early 20s, is selling sex on the street and in nearby bars.

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The one will drive the van up and down until this one is finished inside the house and then they will come and pick him up with the van again.

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