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A healthy relationship is a rhythm of giving and taking between both people.

You have to take turns being strong for each other.

Even initially 90% positive relationships can fail after too many broken promises or repeatedly unresolved conflicts.

If there is enough good in the relationship to compensate, they weather those distresses and continue to love each other.

I was recently donating blood at our local blood bank, and as I laid in that chair with a needle in my arm slowly siphoning a pint of blood from my body, there wasn’t much to do except watch the TV screen broadcasting a daytime talk show. The man in this relationship was abusive, financially irresponsible and reckless in other areas of life, and the woman seemed to be enabling his behavior by making excuses instead of creating healthy boundaries.

They had both made a lot of promises to each other, but nothing ever seemed to change.

Your partner becomes nicer every time you ask for space.

Some people can get quite comfortable in a relationship that they become too complacent.

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If any of these “warning signs” exist in a relationship, please take immediate action to address the issue.

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