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Parents should be aware that Kik also has a built-in web browser which allows users to search and share websites.

Browsing history appears under the Recent tab but can be deleted.

Post voice to Facebook, Twitter and make broadcast to all your friends. – Make cheap international calls with your Google number. Place calls and send text messages showing your Google number.

Listen to voicemail and read transcripts of your voicemail.

Denise Derosa, program manager of Family Online Safety Institute, an international nonprofit whose goal is to make the online world safer for kids and families, encourages parents to find out what app their child likes and why.“Parents should see the apps their kids are using and even try and use them themselves to get a feel for why their kids are using them.”Derosa said that with the popularity of these apps also comes the need for an important conversation between parents and children about conducting themselves as good digital citizens.“Gossip and bullying have been around before any of these messaging apps, the problem is now the rumors are more easily spread,” Derosa said.“You want your child to build a positive online reputation as well as a positive offline reputation.”The Pew report also found that one in four teens are “cell-mostly” Internet users, who say they mostly go online using their phone and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer.“It makes parents a little uneasy because the mobile experience is more personal, more portable, more individualized and more diversified than ever,” said Anne Collier co-director of connectsafely.com, a nonprofit dedicated to educating social media users about safety, privacy and security.“What’s going on in a kid’s head and a kid’s environment are better predictors of what’s happening online and on phones,” Collier said.– Video chat naturally in the kitchen, out in the backyard, or when doing your food shopping. Call any videophone, one-click call, 3G, 4G, or Wi Fi, first mobile VRS app to have a hot button (e.g. – IP-Relay enables people who are deaf or hard of hearing to use an i Phone or i Pod Touch to quickly and easily call people who are hearing.You type your message and a certified IP-Relay operator receives it and voices everything you type to the hearing person.Read on to find out how these top messaging apps are used, how parents can keep an eye out for misuse and for important Internet safety tips. This common phrase among teens refers to a free smartphone messenger that operates similarly to the i Phone’s Messages app.Users find contacts by using their Kik username or cellphone number and are then able to send messages, photos and links within private conversations.

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