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High Enemas and Castor Oil Packs High Enemas A regular enema washes out fecal matter from the area near the rectum, a high enema cleans out most of the colon.How to do a High Enema Normally all that is used is distilled water.

Enemas are commonly believed to: Not all of the above are true.The solution travels through the rectum and colon, coating the organs.After the solution has been given, air is released through the tube to help the colon expand and make it easier for the doctor to see abnormal growths.“That leads to the body’s high production of stress hormones and cytokines (inflammatory proteins).You have a GI tract that reflects the stress that your body’s going through.” That stress also leads to poor absorption of water and fuel: When blood is diverted to the muscles, your stomach empties more slowly.

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