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Or a similar message when we use a different JPA provider than the Hibernate Entity Manager.

So what is that detached entity the message talks about? a detached object) is an object that has the same ID as an entity in the persistence store but that is no longer part of a persistence context (the scope of an a problem to persist the same object twice within one transaction.

From JPA perspective, an entity is new when it has never been associated with a database row, meaning that there is no table record in the database to match the entity in question.

For instance, when executing the following test case: Post post = new Post(); Title("High-Performance Java Persistence"); entity Manager.persist(post); LOGGER.info("The post entity identifier is ", Id()); LOGGER.info("Flush Persistence Context"); entity Manager.flush(); Whenever an entity is persisted, Hibernate must attach it to the currently running Persistence Context which acts as a Map of entities.

The persistence context plays a vital role in the internal functionality of the If a persistence context is under transaction scope, entities attached during a transaction are automatically detached when the transaction ends.

All persistence operations must occur inside the transaction, once the transaction is either committed or rolled back all entities are detached after they have been synchronized with the database. There are additional steps that must be completed in your container, I have these steps in another subject JBoss Enterprise Applications and an example in EJB 3 Integration.

// Entity manager is already injected final Entity Manager entity Manager = entity Manager Factory.create Entity Manager(); try { if (entity Manager == null) final Entity Transaction entity Transaction = entity Transaction(); if (entity Transaction == null) // Ouverture de la transaction entity Transaction.begin(); entity Manager.flush(); entity Manager.clear(); if (entity Active()) { User user2850 = entity Manager.find(User.class, 2850L); user2850Status("New Value"); User merged User = entity Manager.merge(user2850); // when I debug on merged User I get status = new Value entity Manager.flush(); // Commit de la transaction entity Transaction.commit(); // No modification in the database the user with Id 2850 have the old status Thank you for your answer, I did commit the transaction and there is no errors, I did a workaround by using a namedquery instead of the merge method (it works em.createnamedquery("update X set x.attri = :param...").This is a Hibernate/JPA question around updating an object in the database.I have an object that I created in another transaction using entity Manager.persist(object).Once refresh is called, the data is back to the original values.I would expect that the call to flush() would persist the information to the database.

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