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In 2005, only about 20 percent of teenagers had cellphones, but today nearly 95 percent of US high schoolers carry one. Phone records show Cazanave, who ran the choral program at the elite 5,500-student Brooklyn Tech, spoke with her smitten student 145 times between 10 p.m. Casanave denied to The Post that she and the boy had sex.

In the last decade, tools like online portals, school e-mail and messaging systems have emerged, making “it far too easy to slide down the slippery slope from empathetic teacher to sexual predator,” said Frederick Lane, a Brooklyn attorney and ­author of the book “Cybertraps for Educators.” Lane estimates 70 percent of illicit student-teacher hookups are “accidental” and begin with an innocent exchange about homework that escalates to shared secrets, sexting and sex. Richard Rakowitz, who taught at Martin Van Buren HS in Queens, even allegedly bought a separate phone for his student lover.

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