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$ rake routes products GET /products(.:format) products#index POST /products(.:format) products#create new_product GET /products/new(.:format) products#new edit_product GET /products/:id/edit(.:format) products#edit product GET /products/:id(.:format) products#show PUT /products/:id(.:format) products#update DELETE /products/:id(.:format) products#destroy $From the resource and the selected route, Rails automatically determines the required URL and the required HTTP verb (in other words, whether it is a POST, GET, PUT or DELETE).

Today all Reporting and Scaffolding modules was automatic deactivated. I click on the update button and die new version will be downloaded. Dependency Waiter Application Context Executor] fail Unable to create application context for [net.customware.confluence.plugin.reporting], unsatisfied dependencies: Dependency on [(object Class=org.randombits. NET MVC 4 controller methods, or have completed the "Helpers, Forms and Validation" Hands-On lab, you should be aware that many of the logic to create, update, list and remove any data entity it is repeated among the application.Not to mention that, if your model has several classes to manipulate, you will be likely to spend a considerable time writing the POST and GET action methods for each entity operation, as well as each of the views. NET MVC 4 scaffolding to automatically generate the baseline of your application's CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete).To help illustrate how to use the above features, we’ll walkthrough building a simple data-drive site. NET MVC 3 project (using the File-New Project menu command).It will support listing products: As well as creating/editing new products (and categories): We can now build this entire application (and create the database that backs it) with ASP. We’ll use the “Internet Project” template – which will provide us with a default starter template for our application.

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