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Note: this is not the only phase where security is verified in the application.Security is integrated throughout the development life-cycle and this document references the particular security tests performed during QA. Whiteboard Code: infrasec-qa:input Do all areas that accept user data properly handle unexpected data such as: Whenever unexpected data is received by the application the application will gracefully handle the situation and not return a stack trace or display detailed system information to the user.If you have a DOM Document or St AX source, just do the following //we are using Relax NG compact format Schema Reader schema Reader = Compact Schema Instance(); //schema can be reused, it's thread safe Schema schema = schema Reader.create Schema(Validation Input Source(new File("your_schema.txt)), Property Map.EMPTY); //can use different error handler here (try Draconian Error Handler Error Handler.html) Error Handler seh = new Error Handler Impl(); Property Map Builder builder = new Property Map Builder(); builder.put(Validate Property.ERROR_HANDLER, seh); //Validator is NOT thread safe Validator validator = schema.create Validator(Property Map()); Source source = ...//your XML source Transformer Instance()Transformer().transform(source, new SAXResult(Content Handler())); This entry was posted on Monday, May 2nd, 2011 at and is filed under Articles in English.You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Database is being updated by an instance which is not part of the current cluster.

The crumb is used with the Yahoo Messenger Display Image API. For additional information, refer to the top-level section "Data Type Definition" Used to re-arrange contacts in the contact list.

In this post, I’ll show how a few of those tools make working with Pipelines even better.

The best way to start this list is with the most recent and coolest arrival in this space: the Blue Ocean Pipeline Editor.

Some were easy to find like the built-in documentation and the Snippet Generator.

Others were not as obvious or were only recently released.

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