Evolution of dating

Dating based on anatomical characteristics alone can only provide a very broad approximation of a specimen’s age, especially when considering a relatively poorly understood taxon (an evolutionary group of related species), such as hominins.

Another discordant note was the condition of the bones, which were barely fossilized.

But, if a couple’s relationship is undergoing a slow and painful death, it no longer serves their purpose to remember the course of the romance accurately.

To avoid constant disappointment, they misremember how things are going, he noted.

If they’re not — if, in fact, the relationship is in trouble — they may have distorted recollections that help them feel like they’re moving forward because they need a psychological justification to stay in the relationship,” said Dr. Ogolsky, a professor of human development and family studies.

In the study, researchers expected to find some variance or misrepresentation in romantic partners’ memories.“One theory was that recollections might be higher across the board because people like to remember the best possible course of their relationships.“But, as we looked at couples’ actual experiences and compared relationships that were developing in a positive direction with those that were not, we saw that the accuracy of their memories diverged rather sharply.

It’s fascinating how memory works in couples,” he noted.

Long assumed to be loners, at least one octopus is now known to lead a complex love life.

Last month, biologists Christine Huffard, Roy Caldwell, and Farnis Boneka reported on one of the first long term studies of octopus mating behavior in the wild.

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New research suggests the degree by which dating couples accurately remember their relationship history is a predictor of commitment and ensuing marriage.

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