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Using these methods, we are investigating the process of self-disclosure in couples everyday interactions (see Slatcher, Robles, Repetti, & Fellows, 2010).We also are examining how spouses' self-disclosures to each other can positively impact their relationships with their adolescent children.

Prescriptive: Research suggests the basis upon which successful relationships can be established or problems addressed.As Freud pointed out, the positive energies of human personality (what he called eros) are found in constructive activities of all types: the creativity of the artist, the investigations of the scientist, and the formation of rewarding friendships, love relationships, marriages, and families.What they all have in common is perpetuation of life, carrying the spark forward despite the hardships and setbacks, restoring hope and faith in the goodness of humankind.How this chapter is organized We start out by examining sexual development during the life of the human being, starting with sexual differentiation in the womb and briefly discussing childhood sexuality and adult sexuality from adulthood through old age.Next we discuss homosexuality, finding some similarities but mostly differences between male (gay) and female (lesbian) patterns of development, thinking, and behavior.

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This hypothesis was supported by an early study we conducted of committed dating couples (Slatcher & Pennebaker, 2006).

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