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But rather a 350-pound defense contractor nicknamed Fat Leonard, who had befriended a generation of Navy leaders with cigars and liquor whenever they made port calls in Asia.

Leonard Glenn Francis was legendary on the high seas for his charm and his appetite for excess.

He said Francis mentored him and acted like a big brother. For months, a small team of Navy investigators and federal prosecutors secretly devised options for a high-stakes international manhunt.

Could the target be snatched from his home base in Asia and rendered to the United States? Making the challenge even tougher was the fact that the man was a master of espionage.

An undated photo shows of Leonard Glenn Francis, aka Fat Leonard, a Malaysian defense contractor who supplied U. Navy vessels in Asia for a quarter century, pleaded guilty in January in U. federal court to bribing "scores" of Navy officials with prostitutes, cash and luxury travel in exchange for sensitive information about Navy business practices.

In Hong Kong harbor, the guided-missile destroyer USS Decatur rests at anchor during a three-day port call in December 2004.

It was only after she committed to juice fasts and a diet of whole foods that she lost almost a hundred pounds and realized what it means to be truly full.

Com has a zero-tolerance policy against ch*ld pornography.‘I told her if he was crying he wasn’t going to eat, but she got mad, got a brush and hit him on his arms, legs and head which left a bump.Afterwards, she got his Winnie the Pooh blanket, covered him up and put him to bed.His moles had burrowed deep into the Navy hierarchy to leak him a stream of military secrets, thwarting previous efforts to bring him to justice.The target was not a terrorist, nor a spy for a foreign power, nor the kingpin of a drug cartel.

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