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Bill Clinton was notoriously hot stuff as a chipmunk-cheeked burger-guzzler.

Rendered a quinoa cultist for “health” reasons, he looks shrivelled, skeletal.

The thing about is probably one of the most blatant.

Sure, it pretended to be different, but this only went so far as having a married couple, a newly engaged couple and their single mates hanging out.

In this ever-changing world of rapid-fire technology and useless data overload, at times it almost seems as if anything short of absolute perfection, especially when it comes to how you look to others, is equal to all-out failure.

That scares the hell out of me when I realize that, for young girls like my daughter will be soon, and then for adult women, this raging river of physical stuff can be even more rough and tumble to navigate than many of us guys could ever really imagine.

So Ive decided to hit the ‘ woman is has changed across the last couple of centuries.

Because if nothing else, history often dictates the future, you know?

She and husband Jay-Z are believed to have lost 100lbs between them on a largely mush-based regime, 70lbs of which issued from her own already-toned physique.

However, the cosmos has always and probably will always dictate to us this universal truth: that first spark between two humans is almost always a physical one.

We’d all probably like to pretend that in a perfect world each of us would be desirable to others based on the merits of our mind, our ability to think intelligently and swiftly, our wonderful sense of humor, and the bright promise of our ability to nurture and love twinkling in our eyes, but that ain’t how it really works: we both know that.

Measurements: 34-inch bust, 25-inch waist, 38-inch hips. Arias is one of a number of “fitness chicks” with a cult following on the visual social-networking site.

Arias uploaded her first instructional post around two years ago — but what started as a personal photo diary soon transformed into a massive fitness library. Each post comes with a lengthy Spanish translation outlining distinct instructions for every exercise.

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