Florida law mandating child abuse

However, under Florida Statute 39.201(1), a mandatory reporter is defined as any person who knows, or has reasonable suspicion to believe, that a child has been abused, abandoned, or neglected by an adult responsible for the child’s welfare.

Sometimes it is social, emotional or behavioral problems that present difficulty.The Principles of Professional Conduct For The Education Profession In The State Of Florida require reasonable efforts to protect the student.Educators are trained to recognize and intervene when children are not able to fully benefit from their educational opportunities.They are truly great men who are changing the lives of children. Florida imposes a legal duty upon every person to report known or suspected acts of child abuse or neglect to authorities.

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The crime is broadly defined to include any type of cruelty inflicted on a child, such as mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual assault or exploitation, and neglect.

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