Frank iero and gerard way dating

A very funny joke, we thought, as we threw out our My Chemical Stardust costumes and waited for them to release the album.

It was during Mikey Way’s time as a sales assistant in Barnes & Nobel that he hit upon the idea of what his brother’s new band could be called.

Flicking boogers and cackling like a banshee, Bert wore fame like a leather jacket.He flashed and strutted, naturally assuming the role of dangerous front man whether he had a mic in his hand or not.Gerard — a scared and sensitive wannabe comic-book artist who formed a band out of either depression or desperation in the wake of 9/11 — wore a leather jacket like a suit of armor.As a child, Gerard came to the revelation that everyone he cares about will eventually die, and that he will die alone.This has led to his obsession with the idea of death.

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