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View Now Please enable Java Script to watch this video If it's so gross, why can't we look away?After he was treated for a serious gunshot wound a few years ago at this same Brazilian hospital, this patient's BACK...The chicken, for instance: can the waitress tell them a little bit about its provenance?Of course she can, because this is the kind of cool restaurant in Portland, Oregon, where patrons regularly seek elaborate assurances about the virtuousness of their food.The two women lived together as recluses for decades in a crumbling estate overrun by raccoons and cats. changes the name of the estate to Sandy Passage and the characters to Big Vivvy and Little Vivvy.And for most of the episode, that’s about all that changes.They said, "We'd like to bring you up to San Francisco and have you tour Pixar," and I said, "Gee, my grandson is a huge fan of all the Pixar movies." So they said, "Bring your whole family up." They flew us up, they took me to their offices, and it was like they thought I...There’s no question that IFC is the right home for Documentary Now!

Though her name will be included in the list of the latest cast departures at “Saturday Night Live,” there are those who will feel Abby Elliott doesn’t deserve to have her name uttered in the same sentence as Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg.“Sandy Passage,” directed by Rhys Thomas and Alex Buono, perfectly mimics the intimate camerawork of Grey Gardens.The cameramen enter the frame without hesitation, a distinction that made Grey Gardens stand out when it first came out in 1975.Reports say 9,000 guests attended the stunning event in Moscow, Russia.Prior to the ceremony, Madina Shokirova celebrated her bachelorette party with a private jet trip to Marbella, Spain.

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