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Although it is exclusively made by Apple and comes bundled with i Tunes, a Quick Time version meant for windows is equally available.

If you’re recording videos from your i Phone and saving clips from your i Pad or i Pod, most probably it will create a multimedia extension called .

Pixlr is an online editor which doesn’t even need a registration. Pixlr comes the closest to the Photoshop interface and anyone who has used Photoshop before will immediately be able to make wonders with Pixlr in just a few clicks.

When you’re ready, you can ditch the training wheels and take the helm.

when you could just upload with your phone and be done [and yes, you can do that].

That being said, to really impress your compare bros and gals, you’re going to want a few improvements done to make them shine..

I don't expect a top of the line editor for free, but I really just need something to render the videos with. to edit parts of video you select certain parts of your video with two icons that look like flags that are the last two icons to the right on the bottom of the screen (the left flag icon is where you start your selection and the right flag icon is where you end the selection)\.

i know a free one might be hard to use at first but if your just doing simple editing it will do fine and you will get the hang of it. once you have selected the part of the video you can press the delete key to delete the part.

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