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How do Privatix extension and app work, what does it do? Privatix is using a complex of network and encryption technologies (SPDY/IKEv2/Open VPN) to fully encrypt all of your browser and Internet traffic.

With Privatix your IP-address is hidden, your Internet is unrestricted and your privacy is protected.

NBC executives may conclude that his role is untenable through election day. Bush is a brand-new addition to the morning show, representing a big bet by NBC for the future of the franchise.

And he issued a deeply apologetic statement within a few hours.

The chat box is a part of the chat interface located in the bottom left of the game window under the chat interface buttons.

Pressing All Chat is a chat interface button that displays all messages in the message box. Messages can be sent to Friends, Clan, Guest Clan or Group chats from this tab, using /, // , /// or //// respectively.

Back in 2005, when Bush's conversation with Trump took place, Bush was a co-host of "Access Hollywood," the entertainment newsmagazine owned by NBC.

Trump was a colleague of sorts -- he was the star of NBC's prime time reality show "The Apprentice." The two men were together to promote Trump's appearance on an NBC soap opera.

Privatix creates a HTTPS tunnel (in browser extensions) and military-grade encrypted VPN (in mobile apps and desktop software) between your device and our Internet gateway. Privatix is completely FREE and available to any Internet user who has installed and set up our browser extensions, mobile apps or desktop software.

This secure tunnel prevents hackers, governments and ISP's from spying on your online activity, intercept sensitive personal information like credit card details, emails, social networks accounts or anything else you send over the Internet. At the same time we stay FREE, we need to finance our servers and operational costs, so we also provide PREMIUM accounts for the sandwich price.

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