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Creating an Animal Jam Account Getting Parental Permission Choosing a Chat Setting Community Q&A Animal Jam is a fun and interactive online world that allows players to chat with each other, play games, go on quests and missions, and learn about animals and the natural world at the same time.

Within the game, there are several ways that players can communicate with each other, including bubble chat, restricted chat, and safe chat.

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* NMs can't see the chat History* NMs can't repeat the same chat like Members can Dear AJ, I know you need Money and all, but this just goes against everything!

It's almost like taking away a person's freedom of speech! To use Stamps, scroll down till you see the : Thumb: code, copy and paste that onto the 'About me' page.

I ask them why and they say cuz then you can say swear words and I'm like "It's a kids game.. " they didn't reply, so instead I went with a different approach and showed them how safe the chat is and how even i did get free chat I wouldn't be able to swear or say mean stuff, but they still said no, and I said, why not?

Non-Member Items are clothing items, den items, and music items that can be used by all Jammers regardless of whether or not they have a Membership.

Plus, you'll enjoy exclusive discounts in the gift shop, on guest admission, classes, summer camps and more. Discover the excitement of the underwater world in the Dolphin Dome, the beauty of the four seasons in Forests, the majesty of the African Plains, the thrill of mingling with flamingos in Encounters, fluttering with butterflies in the White River Gardens and getting mobbed by meerkats in Deserts. Whether you're thinking of starting your membership, ready to renew or interested in upgrading, we're here to help. The Indianapolis Zoo is a leader in conservation and one of the premier wildlife conservation zoos in the country. Yes, Zoo members enjoy a discount on admission for guests that ​accompany them.

A list of items available to everyone can be found below.

Have you ever wanted to know how to get SAFE CHAT for your account? AJHQ asks parents to allow their kids to use various interactive features within Animal Jam, including Safe Chat.

You can enjoy the Zoo at your convenience, whether for the day, an afternoon, or even an hour. Your membership support helps to support the survival of wild things and wild places! If you bring guests often and are currently at a Basic Level membership, you may want to consider upgrading to a Plus level membership!

The Indianapolis Zoo is the largest privately operated non-profit zoo in the country. As a result we do not participate in reciprocal programs.

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