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(Accounting & Book-keeping) accounting denoting entries above a horizontal line on a profit and loss account, separating those that establish the profit or loss from those that show how the profit is distributed53.

With rare exceptions, the practice of party discipline means that members of the same party vote together in Parliament.How Party Discipline Works People vote, in part at least, for a party on the basis of its platform, which they expect the party and its members to follow.When Callers Call The Free Chat Line, They Are Asked to Record A Brief Message About Themselves.of advance be strictly confined to its own unavoidable, straight wake, yet the arbitrary vein in which at these times he is said to swim, generally embraces some few miles in width (more or less, as the vein is presumed to expand or contract); but never exceeds the visual sweep from the whale-ship's mast-heads, when circumspectly gliding along this magic zone.Stories are our focus, including sex stories and erotica.

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