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honestly i dont care if he responds or not but what intrigues me if WHY people even initiate and WASTE THEIR PRECIOUS TIME writing stuff like this only to not follow through? " and then the original convo-starter doesn't respond for months!

"and then 4 weeks later today, he still hasn't responded.

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Singles who use chat rooms to meet for a fling and one night stands have had great success with their sexual encounters!], on ends with Tiddle and Tadz P Jar expose little rat It's not safe, jakes flood those flats [? ] Dem boi their head insane Don't give the man der, chat I'll shell of his brain Watch me rise it and aim [Hook] Why they keep chattin' my name, why they keep chattin' my name They chat shit behind my back, but they won't do that to my face Why they keep chattin' my name, why they keep chattin' my name Niggas really know I'm next up, now they want me out the game Why they keep chattin' my name, why they keep chattin' my name Why they keep chattin' my name, why they keep chattin' my name They chat shit behind my back, but they won't do that to my face Niggas really know I'm next up [Verse3: Kash] Kash Next up so they chat shit behind my back Can't say dat to my face Yeah I'm Kash from the farm estate, like why the gotta chat my name I said fuck them man I don't feel no way I'm like fuck them man, I'm like fuck the opps I don't feel no way No comment don't say no name Don't talk to no feds, don't talk to no piglets I was just billing up ounto, 10 10 lem then a man smoke cigarettes Like why they keep chattin' my name Till I pull up on your block, with the skengting Naa you ain't running away Like naa you ain't running away Are they really gone mad?] traps took the mash and cash like how did they know bout dat? Feds took man took Dadz, feds took Tiz, took Brad Free Tiz, fresh home Brad I just want the gang all back 1, 2s ped in the dingdong , tryna get a opp boi wacked Jus gotta suttin tryna off man Melon and you know it's straight facts They say my ounto's all up next But we're still tryna turn man lem I was trapping and juggin, you was curled up in your bed I was with the gang smoking ounto, you was with your g's smoking blem Got a jiggle batty ting with a neat face, want buck the g's in the ends [Verse4: Smila] Look Wanna hate the work they start telling lies Chat my name but their telling lies Trust and pray to the most [?i've noticed something happening quite prevalent on my facebook and others' 4 weeks ago a friend from college I haven't spoken to in years wrote on my wall "hey [name redacted]!! and i see on some of my friends' walls, posts from their friends from like september 2nd, and it says "hey! haha i still remember doing [event redacted] with you way back in 2007! So then why waste your time if you aren't going to pursue such a conversation? sorry but some things people do in life has me banging my head on my keyboard and im going to get to the bottom of this shit.

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