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The jock reaches out to the actress to apologize for the gossip and they become platonic friends.July 2009: In the middle of a bitter divorce with Funches (she accused him infecting her with an STD; he sued her for defamation), Wade helps his pal Alonzo Mourning host the annual Summer Groove, a four-day charity event including an all-star basketball game, comedy show, block party, and dinner.Instead, she believes the 31-year-old NBA superstar stepped out on her because she wasn’t affectionate enough or available to him when he wanted to get frisky in the bedroom.Gabby, who acknowledges she is self-centered, said she plans to be more affectionate with Wade, and to initiate an open door policy to be available for sex whenever Wade is in the mood.She doesn't pose for photos with her beau, but is obviously there with him.March 2010: While his acrimonious divorce with Funches rages on, Wade files for sole custody of their two young sons alleging that his ex couldn't "be considered a fit and proper person" to raise them because she exhibited threatening behavior, used abusive parenting methods, and had extramarital affairs.Cut to: I'm divorced." Now, at 41 years old, Gabrielle's finally found a relationship that fulfils her for all the right reasons, even if though things aren't always easy.

The basketball player is married to his high school sweetheart, Siohvaughn Funches, and the February 2007: Wade and Union meet for the first time when they're hired by promoters to co-host a Super Bowl party.

"You look at your parents like they were infallible and perfect and you realize now that they made a lot of mistakes and they’re just people.

I’m giving the men in my life the same consideration.

Sioh claimed that around the boys, Gabby allegedly used foul language and dressed inappropriately.

Gabby reveals for the first time, in a story title "Crazy Messy Love," that she didn't rebut the homewrecking rumors and lawsuit for the sake of the kids.

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