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It was built on speculation by a gentleman named George is a restaurant mogul, some that he’s a dolly grip (whatever that is) for film and television. While Your Mama was unable to locate accurate and up to date property records for the newly built house, published reports say the place measures in at a mind numbing 30,000 square feet, which means it’s pretty much the size of a small hotel.The listing states the house sits on more than 2 acres and includes 9 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, a sure indication that the owner will require at least one full time brush wielding staff person.Her marriage with restaurateur George San Pietro was a very strong one so how this marriage came to an end still remains very unsettling. They stayed together for almost a decade, even during the painful miscarriage Vanna went through.The couple had a divorce in November 2002, officially calling it quits!From the late 16th Century into the first half of the 17th the convent was a notable centre of musical performance.Suppressed in 1808 the complex has been put to various legal, medical educational uses in the years since, briefly returning to religious use in 1816, it was used in the years that Florence was the capital of Italy (1865-1871) as the Court of Auditors, the nuns having been moved, with the relics of their founder, to the via Aretina, to the east of Florence, where they remain.However Nikko is still unsure of his own sexual orientation and he made it very clear when he talked about it to The ENQUIRER. I have had one girlfriend and never had a real boyfriend.

outdoor luxuries include an Italian kitchen, sand volleyball court, and herb & spice garden. YOUR MAMAS NOTES: The children have been screaming and emailing for Your Mama to discuss the big ass house in Beverly Park that has recently hit the market for a bank account draining ,000,000. Well children, Your Mama happens to know who owns this house. Whatever the case, he’s got enough money, credit, and collateral to build a monstrous mansion on speculation. It means this person built the house in order to sell it on at a gigantic profit.White is currently dating contractor John Donaldson and couldn't be happier."He is kind, understanding and lets me be me." White is more easy-going than some of her fans may realize. "I usually spend my days without makeup, wearing tennis shoes. It’s possible.” Nikko Santo Pietro is Vanna White and former husband George Santo Pietro’s son.They also have a daughter together Gigi Santo Pietro.

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Domenica Narducci, called Domenica da Paradiso, was a nun who acquired her name having been the daughter of a gardener who worked in the convent in Paradiso, a suburb of Florence.

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