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That’s when Jule and Anni decided to slam the breaks on the cycle of meaningless pleasure hunting.“On the other hand, we’ve met a lot of singles complaining that they are missing proper relationships,” the duo admits.Two dimensions, communality and agency, capture a multitude of perceived differences (Bakan, 1966; Kite et al., 2008).Women are consistently characterized as having a consistent predisposition to be communal—to care for and attend to the wellbeing of others.Indeed, the belief that males and females possess different traits, abilities, and inclinations pervades all age groups, all time periods, and all cultures (Kite, Deaux, & Haines, 2008).

Some would say i am being stereotypical & judgmental, but there is a Big difference between that & when many of us have our own particular preference & especially if these preferences are specific & of a certain detail.Male and female observers were equally good at predicting interest levels, but they were more accurate when predicting male interest: Predictions of female interest were just above chance.Observers predicted interest successfully using stimuli as short as 10 s, and they performed best when watching clips of the middle or end of the speed date.I am down to earth, funny, entertaining, experienced and a lot of fun.Thoughtful, considerate, generous to a fault sometimes.

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