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"I once saw an uncle walking outside the condo," said Gloria."After I talked to him, he admitted he was waiting for a woman.At age 21 I became guardian and mother to an 8-year-old and a 13-year-old who had no parents and no grandparents. What I did regret was that I hadn’t spent enough time building a life for myself.I dropped out of college and devoted my life raising and loving them. I had been working for the government for 9 plus years. I was good at my job, had a nice apartment downtown, but something was missing.

On her profile, she allegedly advertised her services and even included a website link, said Gloria.

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( My name is Shalita, but most people just call me Lita. After high school, I moved in with my grandmother and attended Georgia State University. Maybe my mother knew that she didn’t have much time left because after my grandmother’s funeral, she made me make her two promises if anything was to happen to her.

During that time my grandmother developed uterine cancer, and in my senior year passed away. Promise number one was to not let anyone separate us and promise number two was that my brother and sister get an education.

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