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Click resigned Tuesday night from a courtesy appointment in the Missouri School of Journalism, which allowed her to serve on graduate committees.She has also resigned from the Chancellor's Student Publications Committee.

The English word "pederasty" in present-day usage might imply the abuse of minors in certain jurisdictions, but Athenian law, for instance, recognized consent but not age as a factor in regulating sexual behavior.

In the video, she is seen telling Schierbecker to leave and calling for some "muscle" to move him away from the camp.

Schierbecker said he was accompanied by Danielle Muscato — his publicist and the former public relations director for American Atheists — and Eric Wetz, an MU student.* Schierbecker said he was not allowed to record his conversation with Click and said Wetz waited outside Click's door.

Aegina is a world away from the fumes and angst of Athens, with its horse-drawn carriages and pretty neo-classical buildings harking back to its days as Greece's first capital after the War of Independence (for just a year).

The biggest island of the Argosaronic, measuring 85 square kilometres (33 square miles) and with a population of 10,000, Aegina is centered around a pleasantly bustling town full of tavernas and cafés overlooking the main harbour.

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