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He will, I can reveal, be unveiled as the £100,000-a-year headmaster of one of Britain's grandest prep schools.

What makes his appointment all the more unusual is that Faber, 47, whose family founded insurance giant Willis Corroon, has no teaching experience at all.

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As MPs of all parties are forced to consider their future over the expenses furore, they might like to spare a thought for David Faber, a Tory backbencher who was once talked about as a potential prime minister, just like his grandfather Harold Macmillan.

But eight years after standing down from Parliament, the former shadow foreign affairs spokesman has landed an unexpected new job.

Despite this, he is taking over as the head of Summer Fields in Oxford, the £20,500-a-year feeder school for Eton where both he and his late grandfather were pupils.

For Faber, who carved out a post-political career as an admired writer of history, the move represents a final break from colourful, if difficult, younger days when he found himself unhappy in love.

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