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While it’s true the relationship went South between the PD and lead actress, but the production emphasized that this is not the way Han Ye Seul should have dealt with it, negatively impacting the rest of the cast and crew.

The PD runs the entire show, and when even if there is a dispute, Han Ye Seul is in the wrong for allowing her frustration to be resolved in this manner.

Han Ga-in's nose was ranked 1st (9 votes) followed by Kim Tae-hee's eyes (8 votes). Ever since her debut, Han Ga-in was known for her 'perfect nose'.

The following article is an analysis of body parts of popular stars, made by President Shin Ye-sik and Moon Hyeong-jin of Navi Plastic Surgery Clinic ( First of all, her nose is straight and stands upright.

In addition, her nose is shaped in such way that it is elevated as it goes down from her brows to the end of her nose, which enhances its beauty.

The width of her nose is about 1/5 of the width of her face; and from below, her nostrils are t...

Last week's topic was "Which body parts of celebrities are most commonly chosen by aesthetic plastic surgery patients?

Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Couch Kimchi (couch-kimchi.com) with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.The staff and cast ate (pork belly) while lightly drinking beer and cola, relaxing before filming resumed for the afternoon.The staff tapped Han Ye Seul's back to express their support and encouraged her to work diligently as they continued filming.It was the first instance of a leading actor abruptly leaving in the middle of a Korean drama shoot.After extensive press coverage and threats of legal action, Han returned to the set on August 18 and apologized to her fans.

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Lee-Kim Productions also announced it will be suing Han Ye Seul a cool 10 billion won for interference of business, which is a criminal charge, and that additional breach of contract charges are forthcoming, which the production has stated that Han Ye Seul’s agency A representative for Lee-Kim Productions spoke with the media and gave their side of the story: During the meeting on the 15th, Han Ye Seul apparently agreed to come back to filming on August 16th, so her suddenly leaving South Korea for LA is as much as shock to the production as it is to everyone else.

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