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When I return to the Workflow in SPD2010 I can see the changes I made in the Initiation Parameter section. You should edit the Workflow via Share Point Designer 2010, under workflow properties you should find FORMS and there you should have the Initiation form. I opened the form in Info Path2010 and saved, re-published. I can see by viewing the that the structure of the initiation paramters has indeed changed; I see my changes in the xml. The content of the files is the same; I can see the changes I've made in the initiation parameters.Opening that for editing should force re-reading parameters and update it. The form, supposedly created dynamically when the workflow is initiated, doesn't change. The changes still do not propagate down to the Initiation Form.I have been working on a new intranet site for a few weeks now, and everything has worked as expected.If I made any changes whatsoever (added raw text, new controls, etc) to my pages, and then tested them in VS(F5), all changes would be reflected immediately in the browser.The solution was to recreate the workflow under a different name, remove the old one, and publish again.The result is that changes to the Initiation Parameters are now seen in the initiation form.

And I would caution anyone wanting to be FACTA compliant that this is an amendment to the FCRA.In my List Workflow I've updated some of the properties of an Initiation Parameter, including the description that's visible in the form.According to the workflow settings for the Library the workflow version changes when I publish yet the Initiation Form fails to reflect these new changes. I've tried opening the initiation form in Info Path 2010 to save and publish with no differing results. Edit May 1, 2013: If there's a possible way to remove the old initiation parameters/form and create them anew I would be open to this as well.If you transfer the applicable FCRA sections to procedures that are easily read, understood and implemented by your employees, they will be effective and that is all that is needed.Referring to the FCRA may be an option for very special projects, but I wouldn't do that for a day-to-day activity.

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