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Visit our Corporate Contributions webpage to see if your organization is eligible for a donation.The Hershey Company does not own Cadbury Schweppes.Hershey is calling it "the largest innovation in 25 years from America’s most iconic chocolate brand." Yet, to those familiar with grocery store chocolates, they probably look a lot like Ferrero Rocher.

The picture looks very different globally, however.

Euomonitor ranks Ferrero Rocher 7th among chocolate brands, with retail sales of about .2 billion.

Hershey's Kisses, meanwhile, has slid over the years to rank 21st globally. The company only recently launched Hershey's Spreads in 2014, in chocolate, chocolate-almond, and chocolate- hazelnut flavors — presumably, as a Nutella alternative. Hershey first introduced Kisses Deluxe in China in 2013, making it the company's first international chocolate launch, and tested them further with U.

The candy, launched by Ferrero — the same company that makes the Nutella as well as Tic Tacs — in 1982, lives at the highest end of low-brow chocolates.

You could find the gold-wrapped treats in gas stations, supermarkets and drug stores alongside cheaper, more everyday confectionaries, yet its glittering foil and creamy hazelnut filling put Ferrero Rocher in its own league. And it came in packaging that made it nice enough to bring to a dinner party. S., retail sales of Ferrero Rocher grew to roughly 4 million in 2014, and the candy jumped from being the 31st most popular chocolate brand in America in 2006 to 20th last year.

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