Husband who bullies and is intimidating

Dealing with a bully boss isn’t easy, and if you want the bullying to stop, you’re going to have to put in some work to document a consistent pattern of bullying behavior.Reporting a random incident where the bully boss screamed at you for no reason isn’t going to cut it.If you’re dealing with a boss who is known for his bullying, you need to get into “court reporter mode” and stealthily get your documentation on.One of the things that bully bosses count on is the lack of a quality paper trail from the people who they bully. Van Have you ever been in a relationship with an emotional bully? I once dated a girl who would fairly regularly yell or cry or call names almost every time I disagreed with her, even over silly non-issues. Or they push others around in a vain attempt at feeling better about themselves by comparison.Any comment that was in any way at odds with her position was taken as a frontal assault. But whatever the reason, the problem is that they create the very social context that undermines their relationships, emotionally isolating themselves even more, further reinforcing their insecurities and giving fuel to their fears.Since bully bosses are in a power position over you, they could make your work life a living hell (yes, more so than it already is) if you try to do something that embarrasses them or bruises their fragile egos.So instead, allow me to introduce you to your newest best friend when dealing with bully bosses: Good Documentation. Good documentation is an extremely powerful tool that cannot be underestimated.

In the end, it’s not the reason bullies push and shove that makes them bullies. We often go through life with blinders on, very aware of what behavior, while not so clearly seeing our own. Do you regularly feel intimidated, dread to work near a particular coworker, or you’re yelled at, insulted, and put down?Does a coworker talk over you at meetings, criticize you, or steal credit for your work? Fear often therefore motivates the bully’s behavior. Bullies are much more likely to come from less-than-ideal circumstances — a broken home, a single parent, alcohol addiction in the family.

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